“We have been working with Evan for a year now and Sophie is heading to US Championships for u16 & u18. She also finished 2nd at NSSA East Coast Championships, and has a bunch of wins. Her surfing has improved so much and Evan has been a major factor in her development. He goes beyond to get his kids ready for their events!!! #greatcoach!!!!”

Chris F.Stoked Surf Dad -

“I met Evan a couple of months ago and since I have worked with him my surfing has gone to a whole new level! He really knows what he is talking about and helps you get where you want to be. He knows how to get you better with your particular style. Thank you”

Riley M.Competitive Surfer -
“I train with Evan for competitive surfing and it has improved my surfing tremendously he teaches me things I would never to think of. I also helped his summer camp last year and loved it the kids learned so much just in a week and had a blast. If your looking to learn to surf or to train competitively Evan is definitely the person to go to.
Blake K.Competitive Surfer -