Meet The Team

Evan Thompson

Owner/Head Instructor

Evan Thompson is an accomplished surfer, born and raised in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Growing up at the beach, Evan spent most of his time in the ocean surfing with his Dad and three brothers.  Some of Evan’s accomplishments include multiple East Coast Championship titles, four years as a member on the USA Surf Team, as…

Cody Thompson

Surf Instructor

Cody Thompson is a professional surfer and  fitness guru. When he’s not traveling and surfing you can find him in the gym training or on the golf course. Cody’s early competitive success paved the way for younger brothers Evan, and Tristan. Some of his accomplishments  include multiple East Coast Championship titles, Pro titles, former member…

Tristan Thompson

Surf Instructor

Tristan is a professional surfer and surf  instructor. When he’s not surfing or golfing you can find him selling surfboards at  Sunrise Surf Shop in Jax Beach. Tristan is a Redbull Night Riders Surf Champion and all around good guy. His natural coaching skills, patience, and determination make him one of the best surf instructors…